The blood line vampire project.  Tracing and connecting vampire blood lines across the globe.

Below are real Interviews with real Vampires.

Looking for contributors, bloggers to partake in the Bloodline Vampire Project.  Please contribute your interviews, experiences, or encounters with Vampires.


From City of Angels, August 1, 2009

About ten years ago I reading Anne Rices's classic series. This inspired several songs and poetry from me. I was in Paris with a friend from Warner Brothers Records and wanted to go the Bastille area where Lestat rights about. Found one bar with angels on the ceiling just like in the book and was enjoying the classic rock music when I turned around to see the best looking man I had seen in a long time. he had soft leathur brown pants and whit frilly shirt witha long matching coat. Long light brown hair. I mean woof! He was starting right at me. I turned back to tell my friend Jennifer to take a peek at this hottie and he was gone. Oh well. Then twice later that night once on the street and once in a underground club I saw him. Always looking at me and then he vanished. Paris has to much going on to see the same guy three times at different places in the city. Lestat?

From Nashville, TN August 1, 2009

I'm currently 17, But I was born with fangs naturally. I never really understood why or how, but I noticed more things as life went on and told its cold story to me. The many people in my life that were completely familiar to me are now strangers. I feel as if I'm feeding off energy everyday from all of them. Society, and Humanity and my eyes, have now turned to robots. The key word here is Manipulation. I want to find a festival or a place you can go where all vampires understand each other.

From Brooklyn, NY July 31, 2009

In the now suburban streets of downtown Brooklyn NY concealed by the hustle and bustle of upper middle class white brownstoners and baby carriage Nazi Moms lives a lonely beautiful ebony vampire man child.

Friendly but mysterious, sensual and mostly nocturnal, he can be seen by the watchful eye of nosey and allured neighbors alike.

As he makes his way in and out of the ignorant suburban mist beautiful androgynous rocker one minute, Notorious Brooklyn thug the next or fatally sexy female chanteuse (ala Joesphine Baker) exiting an early dawn limo.

No one notices how he stays the same over the years as neighbors come and go... he stays forever aloof until now.

300 years later he dares to publicly show his face desperate to find a male mate he sings. A siren song like no other before

a message to the one he seeks- a death call to those who foolishly mistake themselves for a soulmate.

Listen to his cry of love and death - if you dare. But be warned - an angel has many faces - and the most lethal of spiders have the most beautiful of webs....

His name is SCANDELLE - his song is called 'GIVE ME LIFE".

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