“There are no vampires and blood is a metaphor” Father Sebastiaan Van Houten.

Father Sebastiaan Van Houten is well known in the darkest recesses of the Twilight world.

The self-styled ‘holy man’ and founder of the fangsmith company SABRETOOTH is almost a living legend amongst fans of the night.

As an author and editor he has worked on a variety of books and magazines, most notably

The Vampyre Almanac (1997-2009) and The Sanguinomicon

and is currently working on his memoirs and history of the vampyre movement,


The Vampyre Sebastiaan.

Shunning media interference he has founded many groups: House of Sahjaza, the Ordo Strigoi Vii (OSV), the Synod (Priesthood of Strigoi Vii), the Fangsmith Guild, cklan SABRETOOTH, the Court of Gotham and last , but not least, The Court of Lazarus.

But, as with many great practitioners of their art, the media quickly tracked down this ‘Father of the Vampyre movement’ ordaining him many guest spots on Television in documentaries on The History channel, MTV, Discovery, A&E, among others.

He has appeared in the New York Times, Glamour magazine and Cosmopolitan. Katherine Ramsland gave him eminence in her book Piercing the Darkness and he also appeared in Laurent Courau’s book and film of the same name, Vampyres: Reality on the Streets is stranger than fiction.

But it is in his capacity as host and entrepreneur of night time Vampire festivals in which he is most famous. Since 1988, he has staged midnight parties known as Endless Night festival in New Orleans and New York - these festivals are generally gatecrashed by the mysterious Voodoo high priest The Baron Samedi, who works in the form of supernatural matchmaker to people who have never even met!

They have also been known to house the odd celebrity as his own fame has grown. Moonlighting amongst the party-goers have been such famous faces as Blondie’s Debbie Harry and Bram Stoker’s Dracula himself Gary Oldman!

Endless Night Productions have also hosted events in Amsterdam (Black Xion) and most recently The Lutetia Noir in Paris and just like the vampyre his vampire acolytes have formed Vampyre clubs fittingly titled ‘Noir Havens’.

Like the fictional Count Dracula, Father Sebastiaan is an elusive figure to track down. My own efforts to catch him were scuppered twice as he had to take to the road for six weeks - making a one-stop special appearance at the New Orleans VampireFilm Festival and then my computer received a heavy dose of spam, obliterating my first article about this mysterious figure!

Will there be any such happenings of an unspoken nature on the night? We can only pray that the good Father is accompanied by his dark angels of luck to watch over us all in this entertaining season of ghosts, ghouls, hobgoblins and not forgetting, VAMPYRES!

Father Sebastiaan currently lives in Paris, France, 75003 and can be contacted at; Father@sabretooth.com or look up his website http://www.sabretooth.com/

Charles E Butler 2010. Author of The Romance of Dracula; a personal journey of the Count on celluloid.


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Living Vampirism with Father Sebastiaan.

Friday 10/29 5pm @ Shadowbox Theatre

Learn the lifestyle from a living vampire...