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The mission of the Vampire Film Festival is to showcase the artistry of filmmakers who work in this supernatural genre, to further the mythology and lore of vampires and share it with the mortal  world.

Vampire Films

The vampire film has been a staple of popular cinema since the
earliest days of silent films. From Nosferatu to the current Twilight series, vampire movies have such an enduring place in mainstream culture that any representation of the vampire is based upon their depiction in cinema. The most popular cinematic adaptations of vampire fiction have been from Bram Stoker's classic novel Dracula, with over two hundred versions to date and many more on the horizon.  Bela Lugosi created such an indelible portrait of this suave but soulless being that actors from Christopher Lee to Frank Langela have donned
black tie and tails as the infamous count.   Another novel, Sheridan Le Fanu’s Camilla, has been the source of countless works of lesbian vampire erotica.  The influence of Camilla can be found in films as diverse as Vampyros Lesbos to The Hunger and depiction of lesbian vampires are de rigueur in every vampire film.
Whether the allure for generations of movie goers with vampires is based on the universal fear of death and the unknown or a sexual fascination with these suave creatures of the night, the vampire continues to be a dominant character on both the small and large screen.  The vampire film is immortal and will never die just like the vampire itself.

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