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Sunlight’s for Suckers -Live Vampire Show

10/28 9:30pm  Buy TIX

10/29 11pm Midnight @ Fest  Buy TIX

10/30 7:30pm  Buy TIX

Written and Produced by: Stupid Time Machine

Believe it or not, there was once a time when vampires were NOT sexy. Just ask the torch-bearing, stake-wielding peasants of mid 19th century Transylvania. With their signature sketch-comedy style, the group Stupid Time Machine takes us beyond our current love affair with undead, and asks, what ever happened to the boogymen and monsters that terrified us as children? From Bloody Mary's job as a bathroom attendant to the lackluster love life of Frankenstein and his Bride, to Vlad the Impaler's unsuccessful stint in the adult movie business, Stupid Time Machine leaves no stone unturned as they investigate a world where the terror icons of yesteryear have joined Vanilla Ice, Screech, and the mini-disk player in the dusty closet of pop-culture obscurity. Blending urban legends, ghost stories, and your grandmother's fear about computers taking over the world, Sunlight's for Suckers is a show that seeks out all things that go bump in the night, and tells them to quiet the hell down already. Its 3 am for god's sakes. If I hear one more peep I am calling the landlord. I SWEAR.